Are You Aware Of The Clock?

Without sounding too morbid or pessimistic, death comes to all of us at some point.

It took me getting a tumor diagnosis at the age of 40 for me to wake up to the fact that I was going to be here forever.

The sudden recognition of my own mortality made me realise that the adage of “It’s never too late” was false. There will come a point in your life when you are unable to start or complete all your goals or fulfill all your dreams.

I realised that goals and dreams come about because of choices we make. While you still have strength and health, honour your dreams and make the choice to realise them. Good health brings an independence very few recognise until they no longer have it.

Don’t get so caught up in fulfilling the dreams of your parents and family that you never consider what your own dreams might be. When your time comes don’t hope for just a few more days, weeks, even months to live a little, to see the world, to smile.

Now is your chance to do whatever it is you want.

What is it that makes you happy? Is it the sun on your skin, a day at the beach, time with family, or eating your favorite dessert?

Whatever it may be, do more of it. The clock is ticking and most of us think that we are going to live forever. Have your goals, dreams and aspirations, but don’t pretend to know where this is going and when it’s going to end.

I would love to know your thoughts and what you can do to make the most out of your time……..


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