Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

I used to give presentations to soldiers in the Army, and before they came into the room, I’d place differently coloured binders on each chair. When the soldiers sat down, I told them that if they didn’t like the colour of the binder on their chair, they had to trade with someone who had the colour that they wanted.

The reason I did this was to ensure that they were not settling for just anything in life. Most soldiers are young and conscious of reputation, and probably wouldn’t think of binder colour as a big deal, but I wanted them to question how many things in life they settled for. I highlighted the fact that they deserved to have everything in life just the way they wanted it.

I told them that from that point on, the attitude of just settling needed to stop. They had to take control of even the smallest details in their lives, and once they did that, they’d see things change for the better. I reinforced that speaking up and not settling for whatever you are given will ensure that you are in control.

Having higher standards does not mean comparing yourself to your peer group or to people you know. It means endeavoring to be the best possible version of yourself in everything you do and not settling for anything less. Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.

My takeaway for this week:

Have you been tolerating certain things or people in your life lately?
This week, just don’t settle. Learn to say NO more often, until your standards have been met.

I would love to know your thoughts and how you said NO to mediocrity……..


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