Professional athletes are exceptionally gifted people. Not only do they have to be almost perfect at their chosen sport, but also have to deal with the world’s media bagging them. If you make a mistake at work, it often gets over looked. However if a professional athlete makes a mistake it is normally the lead story in the morning newspaper. The reason they earn the big bucks is because they rise above these setbacks and manage to come back and perform. Certain individuals don’t rise above the crowd by accident, no matter what there endeavour, they posses quality’s that other people don’t. You to can acquire these secrets for success, here is some food for thought on becoming a top achiever.


Ever human being has a physical heart, but few people posses psychological heart. This is a combination of two very powerful inclinations; Internal Motivation and Work ethic. Many people believe that they are internally motivated, but then lack the work ethic to give it all that they have got. Others work extremely hard, but seem to be motivated for the wrong reasons (External Motivation). Natural athletes may posses more skill than a person who is internally motivated, however, natural athletes who lack sufficient internal motivation and/or work ethic will never be a match for the person who has passion for what they want to do.


If you play sport or keep fit for recognition, material rewards, praise or personal status, you are externally motivated. But if you participate because you enjoy the activity and want to accomplish something for your own self worth and self fulfilment, then you are internally motivated. A great guide to Internal/External motivation is how you feel after you have achieved something. If you feel satisfied only after you win or finish at the top, then you are externally motivated. But if you can feel satisfied knowing how hard you trained deep within yourself and are not be concerned whether you won or lost, then you are Internally motivated. The bottom line is that internal motivation is where you derive satisfaction from achieving.


Top achievers have an unbelievable work ethic. They are willing to sacrifice other pleasures to achieve there desired goals. As a soldier, the work you perform – a combination of physical and mental effort is focused and intense, this does not mean that you should work longer and harder, but it does mean you should work in the way that is best for you to your full potential. Achievers must focus on their goals and develop a strategy to obtaining them, then very rarely deviate from their planned path.


Every successful person has a great deal of confidence or faith in his/her ability to achieve the goal at hand. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? Having confidence doesn’t mean you present yourself as being cocky, but express yourself with a great deal of assuredness and confidence.


Being Absorbed doesn’t mean concentrating on an individual object, what it means is becoming totally focused on what you are doing. Every now and again the average person attending the gymnasium will finish his/her workout, look at the clock and contemplate where the time went (Because they where so Absorbed in there training). Being totally into what you are doing is quality time, and top achievers seem to be in this state more than others.


Having fun seems hard, but enjoyment is essential to accomplish your achievements. It is human nature to repeat those things that make us feel good whether it be in or out of our comfort zone. In conclusion, add all these ingredients together and you have produced a person who is conscious of were there at and were they want to go. Obviously, Being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will contribute greatly to you being a top achiever.

” Obstacles are put in our way to see if we really want something or we just thought we did.”

Ritchie Gibson

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