Watch how your act of Kindness spreads around the world

Step by Step guide of how to record your Act of Kindness

  1. Click on ‘Find my Location’ or type in your address.
  2. A pin will then drop on the location you have entered, and then a ‘New Act of Kindness’ box will appear.
  3. Enter the unique BYBG letters and numbers from the top right-hand side of the card (there should be no spaces).
  4. Enter your name and what the Act of Kindness was. (If you are yet to perform an Act of Kindness and you are a Visionary, just leave it blank).
  5. Do something nice for someone and watch how your Act of Kindness spreads around the world. Your Act of Kindness can be diverse and ambiguous; it’s completely up to you.           
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New Act of Kindness

What was the Act of Kindness

What Is a Be You. Be Great. Act of Kindness?

An act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing either to assist or to cheer up an individual person or people – complete strangers helping each other out for no reason other than to be good people. This is the sort of kindness that really renews your faith in the world and humanity.

By participating in Be You. Be Great’s Acts of Kindness, you are contributing to a social revolution that values generosity, compassion, and sets a great example for children everywhere.

Become a Be You. Be Great Visionary

A Be You. Be Great. Act of Kindness is all about the natural high. It is scientifically proven that when a human being expresses kindness, appreciation or generosity to another human being, it raises the serotonin levels in both people’s brains. It physiologically makes us feel better and also strengthens our immune system.I believe that if you cut all the frills and fluff away, the number one thing that most human beings strive for in life is happiness. If it is proven that a Be You. Be Great. Act of Kindness can be responsible for happiness, then we all need a daily commitment of removing the things in our life that lead to frustration & suffering and doing more things that make us feel good.

Try a Be You. Be Great. Act of Kindness and see if it makes you feel better. You will be surprised with just how addictive the serotonin can be.