The No Negatives 7-Day Challenge

The No Negatives 7 Day Challenge is a Be You. Be Great. initiative that helps people all over the world form new and positive life-affirming habits. The objective is to not complain, criticize or gossip for 7 consecutive days.

By involving yourself in Be You. Be Great’s Acts of Kindness, you are contributing to a social revolution that values generosity, compassion and in general, builds a better world and sets an example for our kids.

The Challenge

With a great deal of negativity in the news on a daily basis, Ritchie wants to inspire people to make their own news and feel good about what they do. Everyone in life wants to leave a legacy and help build a better world. Be You. Be Great Act of Kindness cards, on a small but compounding scale allows you to do that.

The objective is to not complain, criticize or gossip for 7 consecutive days. I believe that if you can improve the words you use and how you communicate with yourself, your thoughts and actions will follow. How you communicate with yourself influences the choices you make, which inspires actions.

How it Works

You will need a No Negatives Jar or money box, and a conscious and more importantly honest assessment must be made each time you complain, criticize or gossip. Every time you catch yourself having to bitch or whine, you must put a dollar or two in the jar. Your get out of jail free card is using the word ‘UNLESS.’ You are allowed to use the word ‘UNLESS’ once a day. The word ‘UNLESS’ forces you to think of solutions when complaining, and by using the word ‘UNLESS,’ you are ultimately turning a negative complaint into a positive solution.
After you have completed a consecutive week with no complaining, criticizing or gossiping, see how much money you have accumulated in your No Negatives Jar and offer that money as well as the Be You. Be Great. Acts of Kindness card (stuck to the inside back cover of the book or purchased from the website) to someone that you think may appreciate it and also pay it forward again. The money used for the act of kindness can be diverse and ambiguous; it’s completely up to you.
Each card has a unique code and number and once registered into the website, you are then able to watch how your act of kindness spreads around the world, and watch the ripple effect of your one random act of kindness. Track how many people it has affected, and watch as it spreads around the world. Everyone in life wants to leave a legacy and this good deed you’re about to perform, on a small but compounding scale, allows you to do that. Your reward will be two fold. Not only will you have gone 7 days without complaining, but you have also affected someone else’s life in a positive way.

How can the No Negatives 7-Day Challenge help my business?

Performing the No Negatives 7-Day Challenge has proven to increase motivation and productivity among work groups as well as company loyalty when it is part of the work culture – all of which lowers stress levels and creates improvement of overall mental health. Not complaining, criticizing or gossiping benefits everyone involved. Many of the problems associated with negativity stem from a sense of disconnect; everyone pursuing selfish gain without a thought or sense of responsibility toward others. What can you do to decrease negativity and increase productivity in your workplace? What more can you do beyond writing a big check to a charitable organization or just giving away free stuff? Those things are good, but the No Negatives 7-Day Challenge is all about positivity and looking for solutions, rather than complaining and creating a negative environment. If you are serious about building a stronger team, this may just be the team building event of the year.