Professional athletes are exceptionally gifted people. Not only do they have to be almost perfect at their chosen sport, but also have to deal with the world’s media bagging them. If you make a mistake at work, it often gets over looked. However if a professional athlete makes a mistake it is normally the lead […]

Face Your Fears

Fear and intimidation is an ever present entity in not only the sporting arena, but also life in general. Mike Tyson feared and known as “the baddest man on the planet” previously evoked fear into all that challenged him. Not only Tyson but also the likes of Jona Lomu, Tony Lockett, John McEnroe and the […]

Keep Going

This particular article doesn’t relate to physical fitness, but more so to mental fitness. Pardon the cliche but mental fitness is a state of mind. Have you ever found yourself as the Mayor of “Hurtsville” and in the predicament of saying something along the lines of “just keep going, put one foot in front of […]


Motivation is a key stipulation to becoming an athlete. Where does the motivation come from? How do you acquire the extreme drive and dedication required? To this there is no simple answer; no detailed, outlined step by step guide. You first have to have a goal or a vision. Then you have to somehow muster […]