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Brisbane, September 2015

Be You. Be Great. by Ritchie Gibson (On-sale 5th October 2015 in Paperback, for $24.95). Every single thing we do is controlled by our minds and our thought processes. This book is your long overdue mindset shift for the better. It allows you to better understand the importance of the decisions you make, how to create lasting change as well as be accountable for your actions. This is an operational manual for life and is designed for anyone who wants to achieve significant success in their personal and professional life.

Highlighting and discussing the core principles that determine success, Be You. Be Great. contains an abundance of advice that will help you achieve greater success than you ever thought possible.

When combined with consistent, positive action, this book becomes a simple but powerful formula to create a better life for yourself. It will inspire and motivate you toward a more fulfilling life and provide ideas and success strategies designed to produce genuine, tangible, and measurable outcomes.

Be You. Be Great. is available in bulk orders for staff development, and also available as an MP3 Audio Program ($24.95). The book and audio program are sold exclusively at

About Ritchie Gibson

Ritchie Gibson grew up in a housing commission and a working-class environment. His journey from inauspicious beginnings whilst witnessing alcohol and drug abuse and violence on a regular basis educated him to not be a victim of his circumstances and surroundings, but instead to learn from these crucial life lessons and to push himself to find his passion in educating, inspiring and motivating others.

Ritchie spent 12 years in the Australian Army, winning awards and accreditations for outstanding service. He also received three military medals for active duty.

As a leader in the self-help and personal-development industry, Ritchie is a living example of the philosophy he teaches. He has trained and mentored thousands of people from all corners of the globe.

Now based in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, he travels the country providing motivational and goal-setting solutions to corporate businesses, industry leaders, sporting stars and anyone wanting to improve their performance and in need of motivation.



“Every part of Be You. Be Great. encourages you to be stronger than your fears. It will show you how to perform at your peak through setting goals, building self-confidence and believing in yourself from the plan you have developed. It is a must-read for anyone who aims to make the most of life and achieve things that most deem impossible.”

BRENDON LEVINSON – Founder Jetts 24 Hr Fitness
Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2013


“This is a blueprint for success and is a must-read for all high achievers. Ritchie’s book accentuates that being great doesn’t happen by chance. Being great is a result of having passion, desire, determination and dedication.  Every part of this book encourages you to be stronger than your excuses and to say no to the security of mediocrity. I love this book.”

NATALIE COOK (OAM) – 5 Time Olympian and Olympic Gold & bronze medallist


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