Attitude Reflects Leadership

I want to paint a picture of what teamwork, leadership, and trust looks like. It was 2am on a hot and balmy summers night and only a few days into the new year. While most people were recovering and relaxing during the festive season, the St.George Illawarra Dragons were conducting a grueling pre-season training camp, aptly […]

What Is It Going To Take?

Well over a decade ago I was approached by the Townsville Crocodiles Mens Basketball team and asked to run the players through a few team building sessions and several activities to take them outside of their comfort zones. The objective of the three day activity was to provide the players with a different perspective to training and […]

You’re Living The Future They Fought For

The Be You. Be Great. newsletter reaches people from more than 10 countries around the globe. Today, however, is a significant day in Australia & New Zealand’s history. Two very proud countries today commemorate 101 years of the ANZAC spirit. ANZAC Day, originally a commemoration of the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli […]

Terminator Mode

I have a close friend who has an ability to produce a strong and determined mindset to get something done, and he calls this state of mind, his ‘Terminator Mode’. This mindset is where your productivity is at its highest and you feel like there is nothing that can stop you. Where you are completely […]

Be The Hero Of Your Own Story

Having spent a quarter of my life in the Australian Army and having witnessed firsthand some of the most heroic men and women serving their country, I have always asked myself, “What does a hero look like?” A hero can be brave and willing to sacrifice his or her life, but I think we all have a hero […]