The Recipe For Success

Quite simply, most of us are doing it wrong! This whole life thing, most of us think that there is a silver bullet, that one single thing that will improve how you lead, influence others and lead a more fulfilling life. If you want to lead a successful life, be happier and inspire the best in […]

Strength In Numbers

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day and was fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with a gentleman who was 85 years young. Before long, the subject got onto that of generational differences and how things have dramatically changed since he was a young man, some 60-70 years ago.   He […]

Selfless Leadership

In my final weeks before discharging from the Army, I was scalded and threatened by a Major walking nearby because I didn’t solute him. It wasn’t through disrespect, but more so a matter of being in my own little world, concentrating on what I was doing and oblivious to seeing him walk past. The way […]

What Is It Going To Take?

Well over a decade ago I was approached by the Townsville Crocodiles Mens Basketball team and asked to run the players through a few team building sessions and several activities to take them outside of their comfort zones. The objective of the three day activity was to provide the players with a different perspective to training and […]