Know Your Worth

A great man once told me, “The most important thing in life is how you see yourself, your self-worth.” Most of the time we base our self-belief on external actions and what we perceive people think, rather than our own inherent worth as a person. Self-belief and valuing yourself is about who you are, not […]

Where Does Your Team Culture Lie?

After two decades working with corporate groups and professional sporting teams, I have identified how toxicity and individualism affects teamwork and the culture within an organisation. Depending on how much trust you have developed within your team, as a leader your team culture would lie somewhere in the above model. TOXIC A toxic team environment […]

Selfless Leadership

In my final weeks before discharging from the Army, I was scalded and threatened by a Major walking nearby because I didn’t solute him. It wasn’t through disrespect, but more so a matter of being in my own little world, concentrating on what I was doing and oblivious to seeing him walk past. The way […]