Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

This week I wanted to share one of my favorite stories of all time with you. A bit like an early Christmas present. ; ) It is an incredible story of perseverance and determination and one that I often use in my Be You. Be Great. and Selfless Leadership presentations. Sylvester Stallone had nothing. Zilch. Zero. […]

Are You A Boss Or A Leader?

I was invited to speak at an annual corporate convention recently, presenting on the subject of teamwork and leadership. After each presentation, I always allocate time for questions and afterwards enjoy speaking and getting to know the people at the conference and what makes that particular company tick. I was approached by a young, generation […]

Selfless Leadership

In my final weeks before discharging from the Army, I was scalded and threatened by a Major walking nearby because I didn’t solute him. It wasn’t through disrespect, but more so a matter of being in my own little world, concentrating on what I was doing and oblivious to seeing him walk past. The way […]

What Is It Going To Take?

Well over a decade ago I was approached by the Townsville Crocodiles Mens Basketball team and asked to run the players through a few team building sessions and several activities to take them outside of their comfort zones. The objective of the three day activity was to provide the players with a different perspective to training and […]

You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Every successful person has a great deal of confidence or faith in his/her ability to achieve the goal at hand. Having confidence doesn’t mean you present yourself as being cocky, but rather that you express yourself with a great deal of absurdness and confidence. Having self-confidence is not only a positive feature and quality to have in […]

Your Greatest Investment

Three months ago I was running a corporate training program designed to bring a team together and improve communication within the group. As I went around the room asking what they perceived the problem was and why a large number of the group were angry and resentful to one another, I started to find a consensus […]

We Have Got This All Wrong

During my time in the Army, I witnessed first hand young soldiers constantly on edge with a fight or flight attitude. This happens in military operations from Vietnam to modern-day war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq, where it is difficult to make a distinction between those who are fighting against you and those who […]