Are You A Great Leader?

Throughout my military career, I was fortunate enough to have worked with many determined and dedicated soldiers who truly epitomize mateship, sacrifice, endurance, and courage. These are convictions that Australian troops pride themselves on, and they are things that set us apart from the rest of the world. I now train both corporate and professional […]

Keep Your Head & Standards High

When you consciously set standards for your life, whether it be how you expect to be treated, how you expect to treat others, where you live, the quality of the food you eat, or the quality of relationship you are willing to settle for, you are deciding on what meets and exceeds your highest standards […]

We Have Got This All Wrong

During my time in the Army, I witnessed first hand young soldiers constantly on edge with a fight or flight attitude. This happens in military operations from Vietnam to modern-day war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq, where it is difficult to make a distinction between those who are fighting against you and those who […]

It’s All About Balance

Have you got your priorities in the right order? One of the most important things in life is balance. Yet if we look at the life we are living, work and business, a great deal of the time take priority over leading our best and most enjoyable life. I can hear the argument now, ‘Yes, […]

You Are The Result Of Your Choices

I conduct presentations and speak for corporate events all over the country. I have come to realise that some people are so adept at making excuses that they make them automatically or subconsciously. They constantly attempt to avoid responsibility for choices or decisions they make. When faced with making a choice or offering an excuse, […]

Happiness Is A Choice

Characterising genuine happiness is tough to do – just as hard as it is to attain. So what we need to do is to distinguish amongst moments of pleasure, feelings of elation, and actual happiness. Although there are a number of things that contribute to happiness, I think that a major contributing factor to long-term […]

You Get What You Give.

Of the 7.3 billion people on this planet, one thing we all have in common is that we all strive for one simple thing: happiness. But what is happiness? What is this amazing and sometimes elusive emotion that we’re all chasing after? Understanding that in order to gain happiness and fulfillment in your life, first […]