GOYA = Get Off Your Arse!

How do you acquire the extreme drive and dedication to be the best you can be both as an individual and as a team player?

There is no simple answer to this, no detailed step-by-step guide. You first have to have a goal or a vision. Then you have to muster up the necessary energy to get your backside out of that chair your in right now and into action.

“Don’t give me the labor pains . . . just give me the baby.”
– Unknown –

For the majority of people, the initial motivation comes from hitting their version of rock bottom. Maybe you can’t play with your kids anymore because you are too winded after two minutes of a game of tag, or your favorite pair of jeans doesn’t make it past your hips. Perhaps you put in an extra 16 hours of work this weekend and realise that you missed your son’s big football game or your daughter’s dance recital, or, even worse, forgot it was your wedding anniversary.

Take that initial frustration, disgust, or negativity and turn it into positive energy to get yourself restarted. Rather than falling into depression, do something about it! Get off your arse and stop listening to your own lies and excuses!

Write down a plan of action that coincides with your goals, and continue to do so day by day, week by week, and month by month. Apply that energy to propel your mind, soul, and body into action and into achieving your goals.

Don’t allow negativity or excuses to set up mental or physical roadblocks. Motivated people understand the importance of visualisation and the power of positive thinking.

Focus on your strengths, and let them overcome your weaknesses. Start every day thinking about what you can and will do, and you will mentally set the stage for the rest of the day. Do this every day, and positive thinking will become a habit. This will have a compounding effect be evident in your work and how your team see’s you as well.

Imagery and visualisation are key ingredients for success. Visualisation means thinking about and seeing yourself perform positively and successfully in all situations, whether they are in training, competition, or just everyday life. Anxiety causes you to speed up your behavior. When you feel tense and anxious, make an effort to slow down your behavior.

Anxiety increases when a person’s self-talk is negative and self-defeating. A person who speaks negatively tends to say things like: “Why am I doing this?” or “I can’t do it” or “I can’t make it.” Notice how each of these statements was focused on ‘ME’, rather than ‘WE’.

On a side note, remember: when making decisions, there is no such word as “can’t”! You either won’t or you don’t want to. When facing tough decisions or actions, always remember to maintain positive self-talk. Don’t give up and take the easy way out.

My Takeaway For This Week:
The worst thing a person can live with is regret. If you know that you couldn’t have gone any farther or tried any harder and are convinced that you have given your all both individually and for your team, you will have no regrets or negative thoughts.

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