Wan’t To Build A Strong And Collaborative Team?

We live in an age that makes it more difficult than ever to be a team player.

The challenge for senior management is to inspire a high performance team that is not reaching its true potential. It can be difficult at times to relate to a new generation of employees as we live in an age that makes it more difficult than ever to be a team player.

Finding good players is easy.
Getting them to play as a team is another story.”
– Casey Stengel –

Years ago, employees were more socially engaged and didn’t constantly have their heads in a phone, tablet or laptop.

Teamwork and camaraderie were at the centre of an overriding culture. We openly and authentically supported our team mates, both in success and through tough times, a belief deeply entrenched into the fabric of Australian culture.

Now though, employees are expected to play as part of a team, but the culture of the majority of businesses is counter intuitive to the very meaning of team. Winning is a business and over time, stakeholders loyalty comes down to a constant increase in productivity, sales and the bottom line. The problem is, increased productivity and sales don’t motivate most people over the long term. Short term yes, long term no.

An article by Forbes magazine in 2014 asked Millennial’s (Generation Y) employee’s what is was that motivated them. 18% of the respondents said money, while 78% acknowledged it was important for them to find meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging in their life.

“Giving your young employees a purpose will enable them to envision a future with your company. Young people are fickle. They are on an endless search for happiness. If an organisation is unable to map out a road plan, a purpose of employment, it will unfortunately notice a high 0-2 year turnover.
Millennials need direction and meaning, an interesting mixture of altruism and self-interest”.

These lifestyle changes are now transforming the way teams work; however, there are still several consistencies across the board that every strong and collaborative team should possess.

The best teams are the ones who care for each other, are self-sacrificing and each employee has an altruistic mindset. They are willing to put others first and disregard their own well-being. They have a bond so strong and akin to family, that through the trust and honesty, loyalty is bred.

Mutual trust, loyalty and a sense of belonging is at its strongest and highest point, when everyone is focused on the one goal with the higher purpose. The team members do not show concern, on who is going to get the credit or how much they are getting paid. Everyone works as one, to leave the team in a better place than when they started.

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