The One Thing EVERYONE Wants in 2017

This is my final newsletter for this year and I wanted to finish on a high. So, here goes!

We are about to embark on a new year, with great intentions, with the HOPE that this coming year will be the best of our life.

But if you really think about it and drill down to a deeper level, you will find that every single person is after the same thing. HAPPINESS.

What is happiness? What is this amazing and sometimes elusive emotion that we’re all chasing after?

Happiness comes in many different forms. Most of us experience happiness at some time in our lives because of a wedding, the birth of a child, the purchase of the house of our dreams, or even a job promotion.

There is a difference though between long term happiness and short term satisfaction.

I think that a major contributing factor to long-term happiness is perceived growth and continued self-improvement. You need to perceive that you are growing, giving, and making a difference to your life. The sensation of moving forward and progressing in health, travel, fitness, career, family, relationships, education, and spirituality will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

An internal conflict arises and becomes challenging when you have to make a choice between something that will provide short-term satisfaction and something that will deliver long-term happiness. A lot of the time, it is when we make choices to abstainfrom short-term satisfaction that we inch closer to long-term happiness.

A good way to decide if something will provide you with long-term happiness or short-term satisfaction is by asking yourself, “Will this actually make me happy in the long run?”

Once you realise and value your happiness as more than a goal or a destination and realise, that happiness, like leadership, is not something you find or stumble across. It is not an event and is something that requires to be worked on every single day.

If you are keen to be happier in 2017 than you were this year, one of the first steps is to define your version of happiness. What does this vision look like? When I started to simplify my life I became happier and asked myself three big questions:

  1. “What makes me happy?”
  2. “Am I honestly trying to compete with others? Even on a subconscious level?”
  3. “How can I simplify my life to enhance my happiness?”

My Final Takeaway For This Year:

As we come into Christmas, don’t get hung up on retail therapy and buying happiness. Material possessions are only a Band-Aid treatment and a short-term fix, not a long-term solution to lasting happiness. Remember that happiness isn’t about doing. Happiness is about being.

And, most importantly, Happiness comes from We, not Me.

Now. Go back to your corner, recharge your batteries and come out swinging for the next round (2017).


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