2017 – Your Best Year Yet?

We used to have an old saying in the Army, better known as the 7 P’s.
Prior, planning and preparation, prevents, piss poor performance.

2017 is 19 days away and unless you start planning ahead and are conscious of the direction that life is taking you, you will fall victim to inheriting the standards society and your peers dictate. In 2017, we don’t want to go with the flow and realise in 12 months from now, that another year has passed us by, but rather design a standard of living that would produce the quality of life we once imagined.

So to help you make 2017 your best year yet, I have come up with 6 vital ingredients that I think you will need to make the next 12 months better than your last.

Ingredient #1: Backbone and Guts

The first things that you will require in your recipe to fulfill your potential are a backbone and guts. You must be willing to make a change and not listen to any excuses. Everything you require to fulfill your potential is inside you right now.

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” – Elizabeth Gilbert –
Ingredient #2: Self-belief

There is not one other person on this planet who is the same as you. You are an original, one of a kind. There is no improved version of you, no one with the same life experiences, and no one with your enthusiasm for what you wish to achieve. That means that you compete with no one but yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and that you can accomplish great things, neither will anybody else.

Ingredient #3: Action

Action always beats intention. Goal setting and planning are the building blocks to reaching your true potential in 2017; however, it is action that leads to success. You can achieve success without skill or talent, but you can never become successful at anything unless you first decide to take action.

Ingredient #4: Time

Time is our most valuable asset. Do you read and educate yourself or watch more TV? It amazes me when people complain that they are not getting anywhere in life or not getting ahead. Could it be because they have made the choice not to educate themselves and instead watch TV, which will not necessarily allow them to grow? This is a choice they made, but they still complain about not being where they want to be in life and fulfilling their potential. If you want to reach your true potential, invest your time wisely.

Ingredient #5: Laziness

Being too lazy and not wanting to put in the work or effort needed is probably a contributing factor to why you’re not achieving your true potential.

Ingredient #6: Listen

We are taught from a young age to focus on outcomes rather than the process. It is important to pay attention to what gives you energy and fascinates you. By listening and focusing your energy inside, you may realize that your potential for change is in the present and in you, rather than something in the future that you need to achieve.

Something you should remember and ponder this week:

You may not understand what your full potential is at the moment. Fulfilling your potential is not a single accomplishment or achievement; it is about:
a) realizing your vision and
b) the person you become during your journey.

It is not about an ultimate destination.

Have a great week ahead.


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