How To Get The Right People On The Bus

Within the Army, as with society, you come across people who don’t pull their weight and make the workload for everyone else that much greater. People within your organisation aren’t stupid, they know who these people are and over time develop a growing resentment. Worse still, they resent the leaders who let it happen and don’t bother to correct the situation and use the excuse, ‘That’s just (Insert name here). That’s just the way he/she is.’

Developing a team that is strong, comes from getting the right people into the right jobs.

Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat. -Jim Collins
Find the right person with the right fit. Find people for your team that are givers rather than takers, who are constantly looking to enrich, empower or have others emulate their example or at least are willing to learn these traits.
Don’t make excuses for people who are under performing or dodging responsibility. Hold your employees accountable for their actions, and if they get it wrong, it is your responsibility as a leader to teach them the right way and what is expected. But when they get it right, it is your responsibility, to ensure they are praised and encouraged to maintain that standard.To achieve business success, there is no more crucial task than getting the right people on the bus, but even more importantly, finding a leader who people will follow to drive that bus.A true leader is one who will motivate and inspire their employees to follow by leading by example, not from the power of position or personality.

Leadership has nothing to do with rank. Leadership is a responsibility. As you gain rank, you may have more responsibility over more people, but it doesn’t change the nature of leadership.

As you start to build momentum and are confident that you have the right people in the right seats, as the leader it is then on you to determine where you are headed and how far you can go.

How you can use this advice starting today?

The right people have the right attitude and character and are totally dedicated to your higher purpose. What can you do to better improve your employee screening process to hire people that will be the right fit?
I facilitate a half day training course that identify’s the rising stars of organisations so that companies can hire from within.Long term leadership internally motivates people by connecting with both their head and their hearts.
If you are having trouble connecting with your employees, maybe it is because your not exposing enough of yourself and the trust is not quite there yet.Are you aware that the best discussions happen after you read this email? 

Need help in developing trust and camaraderie with your employees?
Drop me a line and I will send you out my white paper that will significantly improve the teamwork in your workplace.

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