Your Greatest Investment

Three months ago I was running a corporate training program designed to bring a team together and improve communication within the group. As I went around the room asking what they perceived the problem was and why a large number of the group were angry and resentful to one another, I started to find a consensus rising and a consistent message in their feedback.

A few of them on an individual level were quite upset in the fact that they were not where they thought they would be at this stage in their life.

They were complaining that they were not getting anywhere in life or not getting ahead.

My first question was how did they invest their most valuable asset, their time?

We discovered that it was because they had made the choice not to educate themselves and instead watched TV and were overly indulgent in social media, which will not necessarily allow them to grow?

This is a choice that they made, but still complain about not being where they want to be in life and fulfilling their potential. My advice was that if they wanted to reach their true potential, they needed to invest their time wisely.

You need to understand that the buck stops with you. You need to be accountable for every choice and decision you make and not accept any excuses. Until you get this aspect right, nothing will change. If you want to reach your true potential, invest your time wisely and start educating yourself.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”  – Jim Rohn –

I dropped out of high school before finishing my Higher School Certificate (HSC). I was an average student at best and was often told that I had potential, if only I would apply myself.

It wasn’t until I left school that I started to truly use my intelligence and get ahead in life, and it all started with picking up my first book or audio program. Now, I listen or read at least a book a fortnight, normally in my car, listening whilst I drive. If I am not listening to an audiobook, it is a TED Talk or some other informative video on YouTube.

Any successful person will tell you that they were not the most skillful or talented in their field, but they chose to believe that they could achieve whatever they put their minds to. It all starts with the belief, investing your time wisely and educating themselves any time they got the chance.

My takeaway for this week:

A close friend of mine sent me through this video last week, and as soon as I watched it, thought that it was a brilliant message that has a great deal of relevance to this newsletter.
It is a worthwhile investment in your time and will only take 160 seconds out of your day.

This week, limit your TV and social media time and start educating yourself in something that you are passionate about.

Oh, and don’t give me some lame excuse like I am not very good at reading or cannot concentrate on audio books whilst driving. They are just excuses and bulls*#t stories that you keep telling yourself in order to sabotage your goals and keep you enslaved in your current life.
I won a gold medal at the Slow Reading Club 4 years ago as the slowest reader in the world, who falls asleep after reading two pages. That hasn’t stopped me. Don’t let it stop you either.

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