Infographic: The Be You. Be Great. 7-Day No Negatives Challenge

The “Be You. Be Great. 7-Day No Negatives Challenge” is designed to help train you to avoid complaining, criticizing or gossiping for an entire week.

After you have completed 7 consecutive days of no complaining, criticizing or gossiping, see how much money you have accumulated in your No Negatives Jar and offer that money as well as the Be You. Be Great. Acts of Kindness card to someone who you think may appreciate it and pay it forward.

By involving yourself in Be You. Be Great’s Acts of Kindness, you are contributing to a social revolution that values generosity, compassion and in general, builds a better world and sets an example for our kids.

Your reward will be twofold. Not only will you have gone 7 days without complaining, but you will also have affected someone else’s life in a positive way. This challenge is designed primarily to change your life for the better.

Complaining, criticizing and gossiping will be replaced with positivity and optimism.



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